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Spring/Summer Eye shadow Pans and Palette


Introducing a brand new item to the shop and IAMCCC, 12 eye shadow pans, 26mm each or weighing in at a gram each of product per pan. These 12 colors are all inspired by my travels in The South Pacific and the Mediterranean. 

Tahitian Spring Eye shadows:

1. Moana's Edge- Moana in Tahitian means Ocean. This is the ocean's edge and is a sheer pink leaning nude with tons of shimmer. Perfect for the brow bone or highlighting. 

2. La Orana - This Metallic Golden shadow shines like the rising sun over the South Pacific. La Orana means good morning in Tahitian and is always sung with a smile and a sweet twinkle in the eye. 

3. Motu Picnic- This Taupey Bronzed metallic is the perfect everyday shade and an absolutely stunning base for different looks. A Motu is a little island around the main islands. We enjoyed an amazing picnic on one of these tiny islands and I collected shells and ate a Tahitian variation of Ceviche. 

4. Moorean Sunset- This lavender purple shimmer is perfect for spring. Use as a liner or blend with your favorite colors. Fun and Funky but also Soft and Demure. The Sunsets off the island of Moorea were ablaze with the most exotic corals, oranges and these lavender purples!

5. Tiare- The Famous scented flower in Monoi oil and commonly confused with Coral colored Frangipanis. This pink leaning coral shimmer is just that!

6. Lagoon Blues - All of the atolls of the South Pacific are surrounded by outer coral reefs and this creates Lagoons. The crystal clear waters reflect the most intense blues and aquas I've ever seen. Now you can decorate your lids with this bright aqua blue shimmer that is the perfect shade for spring and into summer!

Mediterranean Summer Eye Shadows:

1. Topless Cannes - This is an opaque beige shadow with a more satin finish. Many of the beaches in the South of France are topless and this means you'll see a lot of cans!

2. Monte Carlo - This bright golden yellow shimmer is perfection and is the mirror image of the Monte Carlo Casino outside of Nice France. It is laden with bright yellow gold from floor to ceiling.  

3. Roman Holiday - From the Spanish steps to the Trevi fountain, this copper red metallic is perfect! This color is everything you need for a day to night look for those hot summer nights.

4. Venezia - The Venetian Canals are the most aqua green colors I have ever seen. The Lagoon, while salt water and brackish, is still amazing and green. One of my absolutely favorite European cities, Venezia is a gorgeous bright green aqua shimmer with blue sparks throughout. 

5. Mare - Mare is Italian for Sea. This deep navy shimmer with red sparks throughout is an amazing color for lining or creating the perfect smokey eye. 

6. Monaco - Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world and renowned for being ruled by the lovely Princess Grace Kelly. Their Flag is just one red and white horizontal bar. This Gorgeous blackened red is the perfect color lining or creating a gorgeous smokey eye. The vampy night shades of the spring/summer collection.