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Hawaiian Fall collection

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1 bottle of Rainbow Falls is left in .5 oz size.
ALL OTHER COLORS AVAILABLE IN .35 oz rectangular bottles only. Thank you.
Travelogue series, Hawaiian Fall releasing Friday 9/22 at 12am on the Fall Equinox or first day of autumn.  
This is a 6 piece collection available in .5oz bottles for $10 each  
1) Kīlauea: Dancer in the Dark
This is a blackened Red shifting shimmer with UCC flakies. Opaque in two coats. 
Kīlauea is a giant almost constantly erupting volcano on the big Island of Hawaii. The views at night create a fantastic scene and are the inspiration for this polish!īlauea
2) Picking Puka
This soft nude pink with pink shimmers and UCC flakies is a stunner. Opaque in two coats.
It was inspired by the Puka shells that Hawaii is famous for, combing the beaches you can find a treasure trove of them!
3) Rainbow Falls
This gorgeous blue colored flakie topper will be opaque in 2-3 coats but will be fantastic over any color for a unique mani. This has 8 different UCC flakies, 5 different micro and pearl flakies as well as iridescent flakies and glitters making for a unique polish! Inspired by the Rainbow Falls outside of Hilo on the big Island.
4) Mint Kona Coffee
This is a gorgeous brown holo polish with strong green shimmer and UCC flakies throughout! This was inspired by one of my favorite types of coffee, Kona Coffee. Being fall, mint coffee mochas are totally in season and so the birth of Mint Kona Coffee!
5) Hula to the Poi
This is a gorgeous cool leaning light purple holo with tons of pink shimmer and pink UCC flakies throughout. Opaque in two coats.
Hula is the traditional dance ceremonies of the Hawaiian island chain as well as Poi being a food staple. A pudding like consistency made from mashed taro root, is eaten at most meals and with many different foods. You find both of these quintessential Hawaiian treasures at a Luau.
6) Aumakua Mano
This is a gorgeous dark grey holo with teal shimmer and UCC flakies throughout. Opaque in two coats.
This color was inspired by the Hawaiian mythological tradition of ancestral spirits. Mano is shark in Hawaiian and a very revered and sacred ancestral spirit. Currently sharks are in decline due to shark finning. We need sharks to balance the marine ecosystem not to mention they are gorgeous and majestic creatures. The health of the oceans can be factored by how many sharks there are. Currently, this is poor and humans are to blame! 
 The Hawaiian islands are home to many varieties of sharks, two of the most misunderstood being Great Whites and as pictured, the Tiger shark. 
This concludes our Hawaiian adventure in Autumn, we hope you enjoyed this amazing trip to the gorgeous pacific islands with us, and until next time, Mahalo and Aloha!

As always, these are LE and will not be restocked. Get them while you can!

The .5oz/15ML Full size bottle comes with two sterile mixing balls.

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Swatches are by Timberlin- PamperedPolishes, Aileen- Azbellnails, Stef- MyNailPolishPix, and Jen- TheJediWife


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