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Death Mythos Set - 6 Nail Polish set or individually

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Introducing the Mythos Series for 2016 from I,A.M...CustomColorCosmetics. This will include Roman, Cherokee, Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan, and Norse mythologies. Releasing the same Deities at the same time in a set of 6. Available individually or together.

Here we have the entire Death Mythos collection, all 6 polishes!

Death Mythos releasing 9/3/16 at 12pm Pacific Time.
Death Mythos 1/6
Anubis- The Jackel headed Egyptian God of the Underworld is represented here in a Black holo with Green sparks, flakies and shimmer. 
You can learn more about him here-
Death Mythos 2/6  
Raven Mocker- This Trickster Spirit from the Cherokee Pantheon is hard to describe. Is it black? Purple? Blue? I see green too? Whatever it is, be careful while driving. You can learn more about him here -
Death Mythos 3/6
Hel- The Norse Goddess of the underworld presides over her own realm by the same name. If you did not die with honor in Battle and were taken to Odin's Hall by his Valkyries to drink and dine with him for eternity in Valhalla, then to Hel you were cast and she is said to be half normal flesh and half bluish black flesh. Here she is a Blacked Navy Jelly with Green/copper UCC Flakies. You can learn more about her here-
Death Mythos 4/6
Shiva- The Hindu God of Death, destruction, war and Dance. He is an enigma, in that he is needed for the cycle of life, death and rebirth to continue. I think you will find that here he is easier to pinpoint, but barely. I shifty Reddish/Copper/Gold Holo with Flakies and sparks throughout. You may remember his Consort Parvati from our Love Mythos Collection. You can learn more about him here-
Death Mythos 5/6
Ah Puch- The Mayan God of Death in a really bad way, like a modern day Grim Reaper, he stalks around at night, a skeletal figure in a state of decomposition. We have him here in a Green Grelly ( Glitter + Jelly/Crelly) Thermal polish that goes from an almost neon Kelly green to a darkened Army green. He has many names- Ah Puch, Hun Ahau, Hunhau, Hunahau, Yum Cimil, "Lord of Death", Cum Hau. You can learn more about him here-
Death Mythos 6/6
Dīs Pater or Dīs is not a commonly known God in the Roman Pantheon. He has so commonly been interchanged with the Greek dieties that he has lost his way. I portrayed this God as a Concrete grey  creme with turquoise contrasting shimmer. Simple but statement making. You can learn more about this Roman God here-

***There are a lot of interpretations of these Gods and Goddesses. These are the ones I felt were best represented in polish!

As always, these are LE and will not be restocked. Get them while you can!

The .5oz/15ML Full size bottle comes with two sterile mixing balls.

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