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Hello my lovely Colorists!!!
I just want to say thank you for taking the time to stop by and take a look! There are many many choices for body care, cosmetics and nail polish! It can truly be overwhelming at times.

My name is Ashlie Jade; an animal lover, humanitarian, linguistics/mythology/art & dance nerd. These are the influences I use for my craft and my goal and mission statement is to provide Custom Crafted Cosmetics that are cruelty free and as Fair Trade as I can provide for the conscientious shopper! 
As the name says we love working on custom cosmetics as we aim to provide unique and custom designed polishes headquartered in Sunny California. Don't see what you want, just ask! 
~ Nail Lacquer & Nail Art Lacquer 
~ Cuticle Oil & Balm, Bath Fizzes
~ Sugar & Salt Scrubs
~ Nail Art Accessories
~ Lotion, Body Spray, Liquid Tape,
Acetone Additive, Collabs,
Stamping Holos and so much more! 

  My professional goal and mission statement is to provide Custom Crafted Cosmetics that are cruelty free and as fair trade as I can provideI use all brand new and sterile products and equipment.
  My personal goal is to continue to get get better equipment and supplies and grow as sustainably as we can.  

 We are an ecologically minded company, we do not purchase supplies from companies that test on animals, as well as IAMCCC being a cruelty free company. We strive to be healthful and ethically minded as possible. We use a Big 5 Toxin FREE polish bases, as well as organic and fair trade ingredients. We are not, however, a vegan company. We do use beeswax as well as carmine (a red pigment). If this is an issue for you, please feel free to ask. Thank you so much for being a conscientious shopper! By doing so, we can end animal testing as well as promote sustainability in sourcing ethical ingredients. This means a happy and healthy earth for years to come!

Ashlie Jade
Custom Crafted Cosmetics & Lacquer
Roseville, CA