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Costa Rican Winter Collection

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Introducing the final installment of the 2017 Travellogue Series. This collection takes place in Costa Rica and it’s beautiful scenery.

First up we have- 

Playa Conchal- A pastel creamsicle with blue, red, purple iridescent color shifting flakies and shimmer. This is inspired by a beautiful shell beach ( playa conchal means shell beach in spanish) about a mile down the beach from were we stayed in Tamarindo. 
Glowing Waters- A Navy ultra holo with tons of shimmers, iridescent flakies and ucc flakies.  
This is a type of algae that when hit, glows bright blue. I don’t usually like going in the ocean at night but this was too cool to not play in. It allowed you to see the bottom of the water. This was right outside the house on the beach we had rented in Tamarindo. 
Arenal Springs- A Mint ultra holo with iridescent color shifting blue flakies and shimmers. Arenal is an active volcano that creates these amazing hot springs and they are a huge tourist destination in the center of the country. The waters are minty green even at night and just spectacular! 
Night Monkeys- a black ultra Holo with silver flakies and micro glitters. This is a memory I have of being passed out in the back of the car on our way from Arenal to Tamarindo. This was before smart phones so we relied on maps and locals. What should have been a 3-4 hour drive took 12 hours because what was a road on the map became a torrent of a river in reality.  In pitch black and the middle of the Costa Rican jungles, the road is riddled with pot holes, the size of the car itself. I was half dazed and passed out when we hit one of these pot holes that I was awakened and screamed “Monkeys!” about which I had been dreaming. You could hear them all over the forest. I’m not sure why I remember this so vividly but at like 3 in the morning, it was pretty hilarious. ( Mini no longer available)
Cerveza and Lizards- A green to yellow  thermal (please include pics of the color change!) with copper shimmers, flakies, holo glitters and flecks. This is inspired by a pizzeria that had a huge Imperial beer sign with a little Lizard on it. Lit up at night you could only see the little lizard outlined. It was a sight to behold. Because every time we passed it you could see a lizard on it. 
Plantain Muffins- A mid tone purple holo with tons of blue, purple, red and green iridescent color shifting flakies.  Every morning in Tamarindo we walked to this little breakfast spot that was simply amazing. It was this one local woman cooking out of her house and one of the amazing goodies she had were Plantain Muffins. They may have been red bananas but they were purple and thats what she called them. 

Opaque in two coats. Available for $8 in .35 ml square bottles in limited quantities!  

As always, these are LE and will not be restocked. Get them while you can!

The .35oz/11ML Full size bottle comes with two sterile mixing balls.

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